Realisation of bird island in Rijnvliet, Utrecht

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A start has been made with the construction of the public space of Rijnvliet in Utrecht, based on the principles of Urban Food Forestry. A small movie is made about this important moment: the realisation of the bird island.

watch the movie

The implementation of the Urban Food Forestry concept has been developed together with inhabitants group ‘De Groene Longen van Rijnvliet’ and the Metaal Kathedraal, as a spatial concept for the public space of Rijnvliet: the edible neighbourhood. The ambition document has been developed by Felixx, Æ Food Forestry Development and De Zwarte Hond.

Rijnvliet is one of the last areas in Leidsche Rijn still to be developed. The urban plan consists of 4 small scale neighborhoods, divided by large waterways. Most of the houses are located directly on the green or water. There will be over 1.000 houses, a primary school and some businesses.

The coming period, the ambition document will be developed further by designing the main structure of public space, starting with the area along the main waterway, connecting to the Strijkviertelplas. This central area includes the main part of the Urban Food Forest and will be designed in co-creation with inhabitants group ‘De Groene Longen van Rijnvliet’. Just like the bird island, this part of the public space will be built ahead of the majority of the housing construction, giving the vegetation time to grow and offering current and future inhabitants space for recreation.


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