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Book publication ‘BNA Licht Verdicht’

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The results of the research program of BNA Licht Verdicht have been published in a book!

Together with DiederenDirrix,  PH Urbanism, Wijnand Galema and Aronsohn, Felixx was part of the design study to densify Rotterdam, by adding program on top of existing post-war buildings. The municipality of Rotterdam is planning to build more housing in the city center, and since most of the buildings are built after the war, constructions are suitable for adding program on top. Three locations in Rotterdam have been researched by the different teams. Felixx explored the possibilities of the old movie theater Lumière and Maaskant cityflat, owned by Manhave vastgoed.

Our study ‘Varianten van Vooruitgang’ consists of 33 strategies for densifying the existing building block, varying from building on the rooftop, to renovating or partially demolishing the existing and adding high-rise. Depending on the required speed of redevelopment, the size of development and current economic, social, or cultural conditions, a choice can be made between the different strategies. This means there is no ‘final plan’, but rather an approach to develop over time. However, all developments start with three basic principles: an active plinth to create a livable street, celebrate the postwar architecture and integrate the public domain.

Our contribution to the book, called ‘Varianten van Vooruitgang’ can be read in the book which can be ordered here.

Flucht nach vorn – Bauwelt

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Last December our project Ter Apel was published in the special theme edition ‘Flucht nach vorn’ of the German magazine Bauwelt, on how to deal with demand for accommodation for the huge amount of refugees. The magazine showcases different projects and approaches. We are honoured that AZC Ter Apel has been mentioned as an exemplary realisation of a permanent reception center.

Published in Garten+Landschaft

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We are very proud to be published in the November issue of the German magazine Garten+Landschaft. This time not with a project but with an article on the trend of self-initiated projects. The article introduces Atelier Dreiseitl, Fatkoehl and Felixx; and their motivation for self-initiated projects to raise awareness of the importance of landscape architecture, arousing interest of new topics and generating innovative ideas. The motivation of each project is different, but all have one in common: great idealism.
Thank you for this great article an for putting us on the cover!!!

Jaanila Country Park in Landscape Middle East Magazine

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We are very happy that our project Jaanila Country park has been featured in the november issue of Landscape Middle East Magazine. ‘Parks and community gardens in residential neighbourhoods are a prominent theme in this issue – not only are they a sanctuary for relaxing, socialising, child’s-play and community hub, but many act as the central green space for citizens, such as Jaanila country in Russia.’