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Felixx licht verdicht BNA

Licht Verdicht BNA

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Last Friday we had a site visit for our new project LichtVerdicht in Rotterdam. For this research project, initiated by BNA, Diederendirrix architects asked to team up together, along with Michel Schamp – Aronsohn construction engineers, Peter van der Helm – PHurbanism and Wijnand Galema – architectural historicist. The aim of this study is to show how to densify Rotterdam, and other post war cities, on a small scale within the existing built fabric, while adding new public space layer on a higher level.

Read more about this BNA research project

Felixx Fier Elbasan

Fier and Elbasan

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Great days in Albania! We are working on the territorial plans of Fier and Elbasan, two cities near Tirana. Fier is located close to the coast, Elbasan is situated in the mountains. Recently existing municipalities are merged into bigger entities. This is instrumental to address the current environmental challenges at the appropriate scale. Moreover it enables mid-size cities (such as Fier and Elbasan) to take a role in the ongoing urbanization of Albania, releasing pressure from the capital. The territorial plans outline strategies to realize these ambitions. We join the team of Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development and USAID/Albania to develop a set of strategic projects, connecting different strategies to comprehensive interventions.

Felixx Venice biennale

At the Venice Biennale

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As part of the UN-Habitat Urban Labs, we attended the opening of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.

Snapshot of an inspiring discussions and lectures with UN Habitat Executive Director Joan Clos, Rogier van den Berg, local counterparts and the other Urban Lab Teams. Building a global community of practice.


Article by UN-Habitat
Felixx Alpen

Felixx + De Zwarte Hond has won the competition for the strategic transformation of Alpen, Germany!

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Felixx + De Zwarte Hond has won the competition for the strategic transformation of Alpen. Alpen is a municipality in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. A closed international competition was organized for the redevelopment of the center. During three months, 6 shortlisted teams have been working in a participatory way. At several workshops, intermediate proposals were presented to the jury, policymakers and citizens.

Unlike many other villages, Alpen has a vibrant business community. It is very well connected to main infrastructures and situated in a beautiful rural environment. To fight the challenges of rural shrinkage, these qualities have to be sustained in order to provide qualitative living conditions, motivating young families to settle in Alpen. The proposed strategy by Felixx + De Zwarte Hond aims to preserve the current economic conditions, strengthen the social facilities and improve the ecological performance of the village. They moved the focus of the project from the center to the entire community: not one compact transformation, but a large set of acupunctural interventions and measures. Bundled into several ‘projects’, these interventions create a characteristic village road, a multigenerational facilities belt, and a new community center. The different parking lots are gradually transformed into multifunctional parking squares. The developed toolbox might be exemplary for other villages, fighting challenges of rural shrinkage.

The team of Felixx and De Zwarte Hond will develop the strategy further within a participatory process, elaborating the subprojects to be realized in different stages.

The other selected teams were Greenbox Landschaftsarchitekten, Gnüchtel Triebswetter Landschaftsarchitekten, KLA kiparlandschaftsarchitekten, wbp Landschaftsarchitekten, Karres en Brands landschapsarchitecten.

more about this project
Felixx Schiedam VROM

Exhibition on the future of Schiedam

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Tomorrow, an exhibition is organized on the Schie district in Schiedam, where we, together with Basic City A+U and Studio KOMMA, will explain our plans that we’ve been working on since our award winning entry of Europan12. The exhibition shows the development strategy for Schiedam and Schie district and gives feedback on the results of the dromenlab 2015.

When: Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 between 15:00 and 21:00
Where: the former Hotel de Kroon in Schiedam

Feel free to drop by!


link to archined
Felixx Myanman UN labs

Myanmar project presented at 15th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia

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As part of the UN Habitat Urban Labs team, we will be present at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. Different urban labs will explain current plans, discussing the involvement of designers in humanitarian issues and new models for sustainable urban development.

This event is organised by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund.
It will take place in the Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia on May 27th.

If you are interested, let us know so we can check if we can get a place for you since they are limited.

Felixx Albania skhodra 2

Site visit Shkodra Albania

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Fantastic site visit today in Shkodra, for our new project in Albania! The city is located along the Shkodër lake, at the point where two main rivers meet. It has suffered from severe flooding during the past years. The current institutional reorganisation, combining different municipalities into bigger entities, offers tools to develop strategies on the right scale. Looking forward to take on this challenge, and work on the Regulatory Plan of Shkodra with our friends of Universiteti Polis!

felixx Excursion Almere

Excursion Almere

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Perfect spring weather for an excursion with municipality of Zuidhorn, province of Groningen and Libau! Enjoying Lunch at the cityfarm of Almere!