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Felixx + De Zwarte Hond has won the competition for the strategic transformation of Alpen, Germany!

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Felixx + De Zwarte Hond has won the competition for the strategic transformation of Alpen. Alpen is a municipality in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. A closed international competition was organized for the redevelopment of the center. During three months, 6 shortlisted teams have been working in a participatory way. At several workshops, intermediate proposals were presented to the jury, policymakers and citizens.

Unlike many other villages, Alpen has a vibrant business community. It is very well connected to main infrastructures and situated in a beautiful rural environment. To fight the challenges of rural shrinkage, these qualities have to be sustained in order to provide qualitative living conditions, motivating young families to settle in Alpen. The proposed strategy by Felixx + De Zwarte Hond aims to preserve the current economic conditions, strengthen the social facilities and improve the ecological performance of the village. They moved the focus of the project from the center to the entire community: not one compact transformation, but a large set of acupunctural interventions and measures. Bundled into several ‘projects’, these interventions create a characteristic village road, a multigenerational facilities belt, and a new community center. The different parking lots are gradually transformed into multifunctional parking squares. The developed toolbox might be exemplary for other villages, fighting challenges of rural shrinkage.

The team of Felixx and De Zwarte Hond will develop the strategy further within a participatory process, elaborating the subprojects to be realized in different stages.

The other selected teams were Greenbox Landschaftsarchitekten, Gnüchtel Triebswetter Landschaftsarchitekten, KLA kiparlandschaftsarchitekten, wbp Landschaftsarchitekten, Karres en Brands landschapsarchitecten.

more about this project

Exhibition on the future of Schiedam

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Tomorrow, an exhibition is organized on the Schie district in Schiedam, where we, together with Basic City A+U and Studio KOMMA, will explain our plans that we’ve been working on since our award winning entry of Europan12. The exhibition shows the development strategy for Schiedam and Schie district and gives feedback on the results of the dromenlab 2015.

When: Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 between 15:00 and 21:00
Where: the former Hotel de Kroon in Schiedam

Feel free to drop by!


link to archined

Review by Landscapearchitects Network on our Berat project

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Nice review on our Berat project in Albania by Eleni Tsirintani of landscapearchitects Network. Thanks!!

“We know that humans can construct anything they please. Imposing our power on nature has become dangerously easy. The new challenge is to make the environment our partner and consultant, rather than a field for demonstrating our achievements. So when asked this question:
Is “building with nature” a tenet we should embrace?
I would answer without reluctance “yes”. How would you answer it?” by Eleni Tsirintani

Seasonal isles – A drought and flood resilient future for Berat, was a competition we participated in earlier this Summer in cooperation with Unesco-IHE and Polis University Our entry was rewarded with a second prize!

Read more about the project.

Proud to be part of the winning team led by EHA, to design the new Hyperion Lyceum in Amsterdam

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EHA ontwerpt Hyperion Lyceum Overhoeks

Ector Hoogstad Architecten is uitgenodigd door het Voortgezet Onderwijs van Amsterdam om het Nieuwe Hyperion Lyceum te ontwerpen. Het gebouw voor Gymnasium- en Atheneumonderwijs voor ruim 800 leerlingen, wordt onderdeel van een nieuw te ontwikkelen strip op de Amsterdamse locatie Overhoeks nabij filmmuseum EYE. Onze winnende visie toont een open, uitnodigend en vooral uitdagend onderwijsgebouw met een vanzelfsprekende overgang tussen binnen en buiten. Een getrapte hoofdmassa en een diversiteit aan plattegronden maakt een spannende en dynamische schakeling van terrassen mogelijk. Binnen- en buitenterrassen zijn optimaal georiënteerd. Er is altijd een plek met zon of schaduw, rust of dynamiek. Het spectaculaire atrium, een dynamische en grote ontmoetingsruimte, is een bron van daglicht en het middelpunt van alle zichtlijnen. Vanuit het atrium kijk je recht de fietsenstalling in, die een opvallend zichtbare plek heeft in het gebouw. Deze winnende inzending is tot stand gekomen in samenwerking met Felixx en kostendeskundige IGG. De opdrachtgever wordt bijgestaan door ICS adviseurs.

Na de zomer start de Charrette; een intensieve workshopperiode op locatie, waarin het ontwerpteam samen met de opdrachtgever, docenten, leerlingen, ouders en andere stakeholders de basis legt voor het gebouwontwerp. Het voorlopig ontwerp is eind dit jaar gereed.

Felixx in jury of competition in St-Petersburg

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Russian (and other) friends, please have a look at this interesting competition for young Planners in St-Petersburg. It is organised by Project Baltia Magazine Журнал Проект Балтия and “LSR. Real Estate North-West”, and part of the AlterSPb in the Youth Center of the State Hermitage.
Proud to be in the jury!

Link to the competition in Russian
Link to the competition in English

Landscape for New Okhta:

Participants are asked to create a landscape design and improvement project for an area of the bank of the River Okhta abutting the Novaya Okhta development, which is being built by LSR. Nedvizhimost – Severo-Zapad. The design project should include a site layout, zoning, and proposals for building functionally justified hardscape and elements of contextual design, lighting, and vegetation.The planners should pay particular attention to the water/land border and should carefully think through the design of the recreational zones intended for residents of the new street block. Another important aspect is design of the hardscape; there will be a separate category for this in the competition.


Seasonal isles wins second prize!

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We are very happy that our entry for the International Design Competition in Berat, Albania is awarded with a second prize. For this project we collaborated with UNESCO-IHE and Polis University.


The seasonal variability in discharge of the Osum river is large: during summer the river’s baseflow barely sustains a small stream while in spring the steep river basin can significant floods. Thus, coping with such extremes requires a design that can accommodate periods of drought as well as abundance of water while ensuring value and use to the city of Berat.

These observations change the focus of the task. The issue is not only how to make Berat’s islands more resilient high water, but maybe more importantly, how to maintain the river during summer and early autumn when water levels barely sustain a stream and the riverbed is dominated by sandbanks covered with low quality vegetation and deposited litter.

The outcome is therefore to develop Berat’s river islands as resilient systems, able to cope with the hydrologic conditions from all seasons. To make the Berat islands both flood and drought resilient; to be able to cope with extremes. Yet the issue most of all is to develop an active use of the river and to reestablish the connection between Berat, the Osum river and the neglected sandbanks that are currently part of its facade.

Read more

Felixx goes Albania!

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In a joint team with UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and Universiteti Polis we are shortlisted for the competition in Berat. The task is to develop a prototypical strategy that adresses floodrisks and reinforces the connection between the river and the city as a UNESCO heritage site. The project is a case study, and part of a bigger strategic plan of the national government to raise the resilience of riverscapes in Albania. To be continued!