Felixx is a Rotterdam based office for proactive landscape architecture, established to advise on the new environmental challenges.
We believe landscape architecture can be instrumental in dealing with the environmental and societal challenges we are facing. A better world requires a better spatial organisation of our living environment. Therefore Felixx explores landscape architecture as a pragmatic utopian practice. Engineering landscapes as smart spatial systems, while envisioning them as the paradisiacal environments we want to live in. By hitting this promising overlap between pragmatism and idealism, we want to improve the world we are living in and realize happy environments.
Felixx operates within the fields of environmental design and spatial studies, and is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout Europe and Asia. The office is named after the illustrative bearded guy Felixx, who travels around the globe to hunt for opportunities to create a better world.


We understand landscapes and public spaces as complex spatial systems, joining a variety of interests and functions. We break down assignments into different challenges, and develop separate strategies for every individual theme. We engineer smart landscapes by connecting all partial solutions, ambitions and interventions into integrated spatial strategies. To substantiate specific topics, we collaborate with partners from different disciplines. Moreover we join forces with academic institutions, specializing in particular science fields.


This rational reading of our profession enables us to work easily on an international level, in different cultures. Many of today’s challenges, such as climate change and cultural migration, are global tasks: knowledge and strategies can profitable be shared. Our strategies and designs do not derive from a personal understanding of a particular society. They offer a spatial framework based on universal knowledge and shared values. Interventions and design solutions have to be examined and molded to the specificities of each local culture. To achieve this, we embrace fruitful collaborations with local partner institutions.


We develop integrated landscape strategies and public space designs. That’s why we cooperate with architects and urban planners, and team up with academic research institutions. We work on projects that create a better environment. Clients include governmental institutions, municipalities, commercial developers, private organizations, financial institutes, international research and funding programs, and NGOs.