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‘Cool Planner’ @ Isocarp

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Tomorrow Michiel Van Driessche will represent Felixx at the ‘Cool Planner’ expert meeting, hosted by ISOCARP – International Society of City and Regional Planners and Deltares. This event is in…

Darmstadt 2030+

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Great outcome from the workshop for Darmstadt 2030+, making Darmstadt a livable and comfortable city offering experiences as well as recreational benefits for all its current and future inhabitants. The…

Felixx presented 1/1 scale models of the special designed furniture, for an outdoor living room in Alpen!

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Yesterday we presented our public space program for the city renovation of Alpen (“Stadtumbau Alpen”) to the inhabitants during their yearly city festival “Blumen- und Spargelfest”. Through 9 strategic projects,…

Felixx and MLA+ selected for Buji River regeneration in Shenzhen

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Proud to be selected for the international competition for the Shenzhen Buji River regeneration! Together with MLA+ and local urban planning firm GZUPI, we are going to work on a…